The many benefits of Coir Wood can lead it to becoming a very highly popular and easily functional choice in furniture making. Manufacturers of school, home and office furniture and accessories can use it in the construction of desks, high quality marker boards, work surfaces, pillars, and other products. It is very strong, provides longevity, and is resistant to warping that occurs over time, caused by moisture. Consumers benefit with cost savings compared to real wood.


In India the product has been well accepted by the market as an alternative to plywood. Various organizations like the Railways, CPWD, HUDCO, Defence to name a few have cleared this product and plan to use it in future in place of wood. Coir Wood can be of different types like Coir Veneer Board, Coir MDF Board and Coir Block Board.


Coir needled felt sheet is a non-woven material made purely out of 100% coir fibre. The material is composed of coir fibre randomly needle punched to the desired degree of compaction. The needled felts have excellent moisture absorption and retention characteristics and form an ideal medium for plant growth. The fibre is mechanically bonded or interlocked to form a continuous length of sheet. Coir needle felt is generally used as mattress material, plant liners and other high end garden articles. This is also being used as insulation pads, geo textiles and organic mulch. Coir geo textiles are used in different forms like woven, non-woven, stitched blankets etc. for various soil bioengineering applications. They also used in erosion control of soil.